#1W-50 WIPING CLOTH #1 (WHITE) -   (50LBS/ C/S)   

#1C-50 Wiping Cloth No. 1 (Colored) - (50LBS/ C/S)   

#Sontara Wiper, Disposable 13 ½” X 14” - Spun Lace,   Color Blue   

#WS-50 Sheeting, Cotton 24” X 24”, White   (50LBS/BOX)   

#Scrim Wipers, 4-Ply, quarter fold, White -   Nylon Nylon     Reinforced, approx. size 13” X 14 ¾”    

IT Services


  • Data Center Design,      Implementation and  Consolidation
  • Server, Storage, Application      and Desktop Virtualization
    Data Protection and Backup
  • Critical and High Availability      Solutions 
  • Data Center Automation and Visibility Management
  • Networking Hardware, Software,      Integration, 
  • Design and Management​ 
  • SAN & NAS Assessments and Implementation 
  • Backup Assessments and      Implementation 
  • Hosted Virtual Servers

Cleaning Services


 ESAS is an independently owned and managed residential and commercial cleaning
company. We appreciate the time you set aside to allow us to get acquainted with your 

cleaning needs. We are a full service cleaning company with the ability to be flexible with 

many different cleaning requirements and circumstances. We can handle it all, from small homes to large businesses. Whatever your need, 

we can design a customized solution for you. ESAS has the capacity to make its highly trained proficient staff and services available to you 

wherever you are.